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Richard Beach

CI5441 students

1 min read

Welcome to CI5441 students to this forum site.

Please do post your comments and reactions to material in our textbook, as well as your own teaching ideas. We're hoping that students in other methods courses throughout the country will also be adding content to this forum. 

We perceive this site as an extension of the textbook so that readers can view users reactions as well as additional teaching activities for use in their practicum and student teaching.  

I will also be reading these posts so if you have any questions, please post questions for myself to answer.

You can also add content to the wiki by following the video tutorial by clicking on the Adding or Editing Content link. This primarily involves clicking on the Edit tab at the top of a page and the adding a link or title and then clicking on the Save tab at the bottom of the page. 

Thanks much for contributing to this forum.